SKYE is still in San Diego, currently awaiting being hauled out and loaded on a truck for the hopefully smooth ride up here to Olympia, WA. The truck has been unavoidably delayed, however, and won’t be able to pick up SKYE until the 4th or 5th of February, a week later than predicted.


I just returned from San Diego, where I spent a few days removing everything that was higher than the cabin top (except the mast, of course, which I left to the Shelter Island Boatyard and their crane.) Everything worked out well, with no unsolvable problems taking things apart. Lots of cotter pins to remove, though. Lots. I’m glad most of them were bronze rather than stainless steel, bronze being much easier to bend.


I’ll be restoring the home port text to “Port Townsend” since SKYE will be back in Puget Sound, at least for a while. Seems more appropriate than MA.