SKYE has an interesting history with galley stoves. First equipped with a Dickinson Adriatic diesel stove, later owners took out the diesel and put in a propane stove. Then, still later owners swapped the propane for another diesel (a Dickinson Pacific), and the folks from whom I purchased SKYE removed the diesel and converted back to propane.

So, who am I to part with tradition? Yup, I’ll be converting back to a diesel galley stove, a used Dickinson Adriatic I found on Craigslist, a bit dusty, but in good condition and apparently never actually cooked in, for a very reasonable price. (Hi Ethan, and thanks!)


Although I appreciate the convenience of propane — instant on, instant off — a diesel stove not only cooks very well, but provides cabin heat, much needed around these parts a good chunk of the year. There’s the explosion issue too, of course, and although I’m not crediting propane with more hazard than it deserves, I’m sure I’ll feel a just a might bit better for not having it on board. Plus, SKYE has this nifty 20 gallon diesel tank built in just forward of the galley bulkhead which will once again be put to good use.

The stove I’ll be removing, an approximately one year old Dickinson Caribbean 2-burner stove with oven, will of course be put up for sale. It will include two 5-gallon aluminum propane tanks, and two very well built teak deck boxes specially designed to hold the two tanks securely. I’m not sure when, exactly, I’ll get around to removing the old and installing the new, but I’ll post here, and probably on Craigslist, when the Caribbean is available, in case anyone might be interested.