SKYE arrived safely and undamaged in Olympia on Sunday after her 1200 mile road trip. At the moment, she is still sitting on the trailer, awaiting the yard opening for business on Tuesday. (And to put in a good word for Associated Boat Transport — they did an excellent job, at a very reasonable price. They’re familiar with wooden boats, and know how to carry them properly. I can highly recommend them.)


Yesterday I climbed aboard and transferred all the rigging I had removed from the mast to my van, to take home where I have room under cover to unroll and work on it. A 44 foot long greenhouse, by the way, is an excellent place to work on rigging. I started off treating some surface rust, mainly on the lower portions of the jibstay and the stays’l stay.


Also have some slushing to do. Rigging “slush” is what you put on parceled and served rigging on a regular basis to help protect the service from the elements. Although formulas vary, the stuff I’m using is a mixture of equal parts boiled linseed oil and turpentine, plus 10-15% pine tar, plus a glob of black paint. SKYE’s standing rigging was a bit overdue for a slushing: