Thanks to the excellent work from Pettit Marine (Link) at Swantown Boatyard, the hull turned out great:

BareHull_Stbd BareHull_StbdBow BareHull_StbdRudder
Next task is to get the new bottom paint (3 coats) on there pronto, especially since some warmer, drier weather has finally rolled in.

I’ve also completed rust treatment and applying new “slush” on the standing rigging:


I also have the first couple coats of varnish on the spreaders, and will paint the tops after finishing the varnish. Also put 6 coats of varnish on the boom gallows, which is looking pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

I’m starting to like varnishing. I know… weird.

I figure that since some more varnishing-friendly weather has appeared, I’ll attempt to strip the mast and get at least one good coat on before stepping the mast again. I can always add the additional coats later.  And, since SKYE is in the boat yard anyway, I’ll tackle the boot stripe and topsides painting as well. Hopefully, I can get SKYE back in the water sometime next week. Optimistic, ain’t I? 🙂