Before the rains returned and rudely displaced all that warm dry weather ideal for painting, I was able to get the boot stripe painted.


Not my first choice for color, but I could not get my hands on my first choice (green) or even my second (blue /gray). Well, there was a “Kelly Green” available, but it was a ‘loud, St. Paddy’s Day, had too much beer’ kind of green. There were several blues to be had among the various brands of paint, but they were either too blue, too dark or too light. So, I picked this gray color, called Kingston Gray, which I guess represents the typical color of the sky around here. 🙂


I like it. Gray, after all, does go with pretty much everything. I’ll also paint the bulwarks accent this same color.

The topsides are ready to paint white (Interlux Premium Yacht Enamel, semi-gloss), just as soon as it stops raining on me for a while. Could be next week sometime before that happens… maybe. So, launch day will have to be postponed, slightly. At least with the rain and high humidity, and 3 coats of bottom paint, the hull is probably kept from drying out too much more.

In the meantime, I’m building an outboard bracket. (Oh no! Not that!) Yes, but it will be relatively unobtrusive, removable, and attach to the aft edge of the rudder, rather than clutter up the transom. It will hold a Torqeedo T1003 electric outboard, also easily removable, which can be controlled from its detachable “tiller”, which can be up on deck, probably parked on top of the rudder’s tiller. This should make SKYE more easily handled in close quarters by one person. It was already pretty easy using the previous method — 2hp Honda on the dinghy tied alongside — but I found that, because I’m currently single-handing, it was a bit awkward trying to control both the outboard and the main rudder while standing in the dinghy, plus visibility was somewhat restricted. Also, I’m really impressed by these Torqeedo outboards. Since I will only use it for very short distances, in harbors and marinas and such, it should prove ideal.

In other news, I’ve grabbed a slip at the very nearby Swantown Marina (Link), luckily right near the bottom of the ramp and a short walk from the parking area. Seems like a very cool marina.