“In theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is.”

Tried out the Torqeedo electric outboard and my home-cooked outboard mount on the very short trip from the boatyard dock to the marina, and it worked ok. Sorta. The mount geometry needs some adjustment here and some material removal there, but the general theory proved sound. The Torqeedo itself did great… pushed SKYE right along with only a little bit of throttle. Got right up and moved at full throttle. Reverse, even taking into account trying to stop 20,000 lbs. plus of boat, was iffy — I imagine a fair bit of the thrust was blocked by the very thick rudder. But I made allowance for that as I brought SKYE into the marina fairway, and was able to slow down and stop where I wanted and reverse into the slip. Didn’t even have to use the boat hook.

Other than getting rained on all afternoon by intermittent showers (about 9 minutes out of every 10), it was a good day, and SKYE is now parked at her more permanent slip at Swantown Marina (“H” dock), whose webcam provided the following pic.