“I think it’s important not to get sidetracked from the immediate goal of having a really pleasant afternoon.”
– Warren Zevon

SKYE went for a sail today. I tagged along and took some notes and a few pictures…

Got a late start, but the moderate breeze that conveniently picked up around 4 PM propelled me about half way up Budd Inlet before it was time to head back. Everything worked well, although there’s room for some adjustments. The Yankee jib, which I haven’t hoisted yet in this pic, really helped. I’ll try the drifter next time, which will be more appropriate for these light summer winds.

Nice, almost new, Carol Hasse (Port Townsend Sails) mainsail.

New winches (Murry) on the mast. They worked out great, though one of them was a bit defective upon arrival and needed some shade-tree machining to fix a glitch with the casting. The new halyards are Roblon, or as it’s now called, Spunflex. Easy to splice, durable, UV resistant, low-stretch and of very reasonable cost.

Just some nice sunlit water.

Myself, wondering if the wind will last long enough to get back to the Olympia harbor channel, and if the Torqeedo outboard battery will have enough juice to carry on the rest of the way. Turned out well… the wind hung around and after tying up at the marina slip, the battery still had 51% remaining. (I was able to recharge it a little bit underway, using the main batteries and the small inverter.)  Still, after some thought, I may spring for another battery, just so I can have a fully charged spare at the ready if circumstances don’t go my way.

I’m going to try to take SKYE out at least once a week… I need the education, and the ablative bottom paint needs the scrubbing.