It’s been a while since I posted anything, so I thought a brief update was about due.

Among many other small jobs, I replaced the ‘hailing port’ on the transom:
Although I used to work as a sign painter many years ago, and would have enjoyed doing the lettering the old fashioned way, with a brush and good ‘ol “One Shot” paint… as I found out doing “SKYE” on the port side, my hands aren’t as steady as they used to be, and working from a dinghy don’t help much. So I ordered some vinyl lettering, and was pleasantly surprised to find the letters of very high quality and astoundingly thin — about as thick as a coat of lettering enamel would have been. Worked great.

Almost done with the new dinghy.  Just the paint remaining for the outside of the hull, and some various small bits yet to attach. I’m pretty sure I’ll have it ready for duty before I need to depart for Port Townsend in early Sept. Should be very cool to row, sail and motor.