Although I did not make it to the festival by boat, I drove up on Saturday to have a look see and attend a few of the presentations. Here’s some photos…
(The images are higher res than normal for this blog. Click to see the full res versions.)

Quite a fog bank over towards Whidbey Island:WBF_BoatsBayFogWBF_PBoatOnBeachWBF_SmallSailboat_2WBF_Holiday
This is Lorraine, Carol Hasse’s folkboat. (Quite a good video about it here:, though it’s only a short preview if you’re not subscribed to offcenterharbor. The full video is really good, and along with the other content there is well worth the fee.) Edit: The video is now also available on youtube:

I don’t know if this is a water keg, or a beer keg…
This is Richard Wood’s Skoota, a 28 foot de-mountable outboard-powered cat. If one did not intend to cross oceans, and did not mind the engine noise, this design would be very appealing:
And a view from Fort Worden looking out into the foggy Strait of Juan de Fuca: