A few people have asked me to send them photos of SKYE, showing this and that, details and whatnot… so I figured I’d post a bunch here, where they can be seen by them folks and anyone else who might find ’em interesting.

Here’s the completed installation of the Dickinson Adriatic diesel stove. I finished hooking up the fuel lines and wiring (for the draft fan) today. Haven’t checked for leaks and fired it up yet; the tank is bone dry, so I’ll bring some diesel next visit.
This is the view looking aft from the fore cabin area.
The cool little kerosene lamp on the fore cabin desk. Although I like the idea and look of kerosene lighting, I’m not crazy about the filling, cleaning, maintenance, smell and potential spillage and flammability. I’ll be using them mainly as backup lights, I figure.
A view up toward the pointy end of the boat. The deck prism above really helps light up this otherwise dark area.
The batteries — two Trojan T-105s wired for 12 volts.
The bilge!  (Or wine cellar, perhaps.) And bronze floors.
The bookshelves under the starboard deck, and another neat kerosene lamp.
I really like the deck prisms, of which there are six. It’s hard to photograph how much light they bring in, but it’s considerable.
The depth sounder, AKA fishfinder. I need to figure a way to also mount it where it’s visible from the cockpit.
Chelsea ship’s clock. Has a great chime, and is pretty accurate, once adjusted. Also in frame is my low-tech, always-works, horn.
The matching barometer.
The ice box. Looks very well insulated, and performs like it as well. Tends not to break down as often as many marine refrigeration systems. 🙂
The all important Emergency Tequila. Just kidding… it was already on board when I purchased SKYE, along with some more booze. The little varnished bracket there is intended for a flower vase.
An ant’s eye view of the cabin overhead.
Very neat carvings in the cabin house corner posts.
Storage underneath and behind the settees.
A not exactly large, but still very useful, hanging locker.
This is a darn nice anchor windlass. It’s a Maxwell / Nilsson, which is no longer made. Two speeds, and works great.
The flue and smoke head for the diesel stove.
The forward cabin desk as seen from on deck through the hatch. Sorry about the exposure — not an easy lighting situation for the poor camera.
The fore deck — uncluttered and plenty of room to handle the sails and anchor.
Nice wide, clear side decks. The weather did not allow me to get but two coats of varnish on the house sides, which is why it’s not as shiny as it will eventually be. Might have to wait til next spring for coats three through six, unless there are a few more days like today, which was almost summer-like.
The compass.