Several miscellaneous projects completed…

Rebuilt the windlass — a no-longer-made Maxwell HWM 600. It was making a few odd noises and operation seemed less smooth that it ought to be. Fortunately, there are still a few parts available, including the two sizes of new shaft seals I ordered (from Fisheries Supply in Seattle). Taking it apart was a puzzle, only exceeded by the puzzle of putting it back together.

The outside the case parts, in order of dis-assembly.

Main shaft and one-way gears.

Before removal. I neglected to get photos of the other gears and quadrant (to the right, inside the case). There’s a big set screw and a circlip that hold them in.

And after cleaning the case and gears, and re-assembly.

The grease needed to refill the case is a bit hard to locate, being “00” (zero zero) grease, commonly used in Snapper lawn mowers. I found some here, at a good price. And in case any one is looking for a parts diagram for this windlass, here it is (PDF): HWM 600.

Also cleaned up the Monitor wind vane. Treated a bit of light rust and replaced a couple of very rusty bolts with ones from the spares kit.

All nice and shiny, and back on the boomkin.

Also gave SKYE a wash / scrub, cleaned the cabin, deck, cockpit, deck boxes and all the topsides I could reach without the dinghy. Next up: climbing the mast to do a bit of varnishing. Should be a hoot. 🙂