…would be confusing.

Added a bow net. Or jib net. Or martingale net. Or widow’s net. Take ‘yer pick. I’m not absolutely certain of its degree of usefulness, but I figured it was worth the effort to find out. It does provide a few more options for foot placement and security (I may also add a center line rope up from the stem), and might help prevent a drifter or reacher from slipping into the water.

I haven’t sold my PT 11… the Avon deflatable was onboard when I bought SKYE. It’s in very good condition, actually holds air, and bags up fairly small. It’s handy for working around the boat from the water — place to sit, and it won’t ding up the topsides. I’m keeping it as a spare.

A seizing. I’m getting better at them, having now done more than two. 🙂