…I don’t know, but at least it will be dry.

Having fallen off a ladder once in my life, I’m not crazy about the darn things. So I built a set of stairs up to deck level. Much safer, and easier to carry tools and stuff up and down.

Then I installed some flexible PVC pipe hoops, and covered it all with a 50′ by 30′ tarp. I also extended the hoops over the stairs.

The whole deck is covered. Sure will be be great to not have to stop work because of rain. Probably a bit warmer as well. (I’d like to say thanks for the idea to the folks from Harbinger — a Westsail 32 — who provided a good example last year with a similar white tarp setup.)

One of the items on the work list, and an important one, is to remove a certain metal hatch from the aft deck. It’s a decent hatch, mostly water-tight, but it’s not exactly in tune with the design of the boat.

Hatch whose days are numbered circled in red. 🙂