It’s been way too long since I posted. Sorry ’bout that. A combination of many things to do, plus some paying work, plus some medical annoyances. And I keep forgetting to take my camera with me. 🙂
Anyway, SKYE was hauled out for a while at Swantown boatyard, where I tackled a few items:

Scraping, sanding, bottom paint, topside paint, boot stripe paint.

New name and hailing port graphics (vinyl). One of these days I’ll get around to making a carved name board which can be removed and replaced easily for painting. Gold-leaf lettering would look mighty snazzy.

Stripped all the hardware and varnish off the mast. The varnish I tried a couple years ago (Le Tonkinois) did not hold up well, plus the mast needed a good going-over — to a higher level than I did back then. I’m also adding a separate storm trysail track which will cross over the gooseneck and allow the trysail to be stored low and ready to raise. Shocking how expensive good stainless steel sail track is. And I’m replacing the tricolor light with a new LED version, and adding a proper steaming/foredeck light, also LED.

Although SKYE is back in the water, I’m awaiting some acceptably nice varnishing weather for the mast. And since this is the rainiest winter on record (and it ain’t done yet!), I rigged up a cover. It’s secured under the mast so it can’t take flight, and it holds the plastic (which I wish came in white) clear of the mast so the coats of varnish can dry properly. Should be good bird protection as well. (3/4″ PVC legs, and 1/2″ PEX tubing for the arches.)

Typical day at the boatyard. Seemed like all but a few were like this. Yuck.

When the weather precluded outdoor work, I disassembled, stripped, sanded, refinished and reassembled (whew!) the four main sheet blocks, staysail halyard block and the two lazy-jack mast blocks.

There’s more (like the aforementioned new hatch, obviously), but I need to take some more photos, so they’ll wait for next time.

One more item: There’s another Lyle Hess 32 being built locally (on Lopez island) that I just read about: