Today was scheduled for stepping the mast; all the various mast maintenance and modification tasks have been completed. I started early to avoid the heat, and got all the standing and running rigging attached, in the right place, and even in the right order. Cleaned and lubed the turnbuckles, touched up the paint, varnish and Cetol here and there, and generally made the mast all ready to move out of it’s parking spot in the yard, and hoist.

It all went really well (this is the 90% part)…

The halyard fairleads on the spreaders. Still using Spunflex line — it’s worked out very well, so far.

The new steaming light / deck light combo. L.E.D. and very low current draw. I decided to run the juice up one of the lower shrouds, rather than try to attach it to the exterior of the mast all way down to the deck in some way. I also painted the white cable black to blend in with the rigging. We shall see how well this work out.

The likewise new L.E.D. tricolor. Also an Aqua Signal, it fits the same base screw pattern. The old one still worked fine, but it did use more amps, and the plastic cover had become cloudy and crazed (and surprisingly costly to replace.)

All the standing rigging and halyards have to be tied up neatly (relatively speaking) for hoisting, and off the ground so the mast can be rolled to the crane. Lots of strings and wires. Pays to stand back and double check everything every so often — don’t want to run the topping lifts outside the lowers, or lead the main halyard where the jib halyard should be, etc. Very easy to make a real mess if you don’t take your time to make sure it’s correct.

Nice to have it all done and looking good. 🙂

About the remaining 10%…    All that was left was to motor SKYE on over to the boatyard dock from the marina. The outboard, however, vetoed the idea by deciding it just did not, no way, no how, want to start today. Ran fine not long ago. But not this day. (Probably fuel system related.) I had to cancel the mast stepping, and reschedule — for a week hence. (The boatyard is super busy this time of year.)

Oh well, as they say. It’s only $3 a day to keep the mast in the yard, so not too bad on that front. I’ll use the time to continue various other projects. Since the mast is going be in the yard, all assembled with various expensive bits of bronze which might, um, ‘go for a walk’, I’ve removed the turnbuckles and anything else easily removed. Maybe not necessary, but it can’t hurt. And hopefully the birds will treat the mast kindly, as well. 🙂