After a week’s delay, the mast was stepped, and it all went very well. Managed to avoid dropping a clevis pin overboard, which can be an expensive goof. Tested the new tricolor out and it appears that I wired it correctly, to my surprise. Nice to be a sailboat again — though I suppose I should put the sails back on before saying that.

I did, however, manage to mis-lead the jib halyard. This in spite of double-checking and triple-checking everything while it was on the ground. I’ll have to go aloft to fix that one.

Also, on a sunnier day, re-installed the refurbished butterfly hatch. There were a few places where the varnish had failed, so I removed all the hardware and bar rails, used a heat gun and sander to remove the old finish, and applied Cetol, like the mast. I think it turned out looking fairly good.