Last weekend I sailed SKYE to a local state park about 16nm away. Saturday it was all either downwind or on a broad reach… great sailing. Hit over 6 knots with just the main and staysail for a bit. Too much fun.

The occasion was one of the South Sound Sailing Society‘s cruises, and three other boats showed up and each tied up to a state park mooring buoy. Four boats, four buoys, which worked out well. Even had a great potluck dinner on one boat Saturday evening.

The weather was a bit variable, with some rain and wind squalls periodically passing by, but there was also a fair bit of sun, and Sunday morning was very calm and nice.

I sailed part way back, but decided that several hours of single-handed tacking seemed a bit much, so reluctantly started the noisy outboard for the balance of the trip.

Here’s a few photos, and a video:

Downwind (almost), wing and wing.

Approaching McMicken Island.

Scott and Connie on Traveler have quite an interesting blog.

Passed by some friends on s/v Soundhaven on the way past Boston Harbor. Pretty boat, even if it is plastic. 🙂